“My Palio is an essential part of my smoking ritual. I haven’t used another cutter since I got it”
Craig S. – Salt Lake City, UT

“When I pulled it out of the little pouch it comes with, I noticed right away that this was no cheap plastic cutter. It is by far the most sturdy feel of any cutter I have used from $5-$50. Once I was ready to make the cut the blades sheared the cap right off. A perfect cut.”
Charles – Cleveland, OH

“No doubt, my Palio is the best damn cutter I’ve ever owned.”
Joe Romano – Bloomingdale, NJ

“It cuts so effortlessly and perfectly every time. It’s the best cutter I’ve ever had or used. A guillotine cutter that feels very nice in the hand and so easy to use. Just put a finger in each opening and it slides so effortlessly even if your cutting air or a cigar. It also stays razor sharp and just doesn’t seem to dull no matter how many times I’ve used it. I’d say go for it, you won’t be sorry, it’s a flawless cut every time. It won’t leave little snip lets of tobacco. In fact I liked it so much I went ahead and ordered five more of them, one to keep and the others to gift.”
Erich Golden – Westfield, NJ