This product is produced and manufactured by Quality Importers Trading Company. 

Palió™ assumes no responsibility for any misuse of the product. Palió™ warrants that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

We at Palió™ don’t take our slogan, “A cut above,” lightly. We live by it and think our warranty should epitomize it, so it’s as simple as it gets! If you feel the Palió cigar cutter you purchased has lost its ability to deliver a quality cut, assuming it has only been used for its intended purpose (cigar preparation), simply return it to us by following these simple steps. We will repair or replace it for a nominal fee.

  1. Activate your warranty by registering your Palió™ following the link below

  1. Call our support department at 1-888-795-4839 ext. 118 to learn how to service your Palió™ under warranty.
  2. Mail your defective product to: 3350 Enterprise Ave., Suite 120, Weston, FL 33331
  3. If your Palió™ cutter qualifies for repair or replacement, we will notify you, and mail you the repaired cutter or a replacement.